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MasterCase Maker 5

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So when are we gonna see the MasterCase Maker 5? I like the new front panel attachment, the new front I/O, sound dampening panel, glass window, different top radiator cover, etc.

I heard that it's coming in March, but I'm not sure... When??



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But whennnnn......?

I read someplace that the case will be released in March sometime along with the MasterWatt Maker 1200.

I'm hoping that is correct. I've been researching on a new system based around this particular case and am anxious to get the build started.

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Red    0

I agree, please give us a time frame. I'm so close to deciding to get another case right now. I'm only holding off because I'm indecisive and want to keep the next case for the next 2-4 years if possible. The other reason is because of handles. I love having handles to carry my case around, even just to move it an inch or two to clean some spots. The Maker 5 better be worth the painful, and agonizing wait.

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