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Auqagate LCD problems!!!!! Please help!!!

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youhouyun    0

i know that but i just have the one that i got when i bought the aquagate kit

so if cooler master can send me a couple of these thermal sensor so that i can replace it ^^ that would be nice

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esben    0
Installing the Aquagate could be a simple process and yet a complicated one. The sensor that we shipped with the unit is very delicate. Any mishandling it will fried.

I will send you two sensors but to install it, make sure you tape it on the MB and have it barely touch the CPU. Then you have both of your hands to install the water block.

Another thing about the sensor is, there are two sides to it. A clear white side and a darker side. Place the clear side on the CPU surface.

Please email me your information and i'll get it out to you today.

I also installed the cooler and is getting constant beeps and no cpu temperature. I really think after reading all the posts that my sensor is fried too....but I'm not sure.... Where can I get another sensor?

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-_JonA_-    0

hope I do not have problems with my Aquagate who arrives this weak...

but if it's the thermal sensor I have still a couple of these sensors of my Cooldrive4 ...

a question... how many aquagates are there sold yet? and how many problems...? I want to be prepared...


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