Robert Herman

Elite 130 PSU Flat Backplate Modification

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I recently built a Skylake Mini-ITX system using the Cooler Master Elite 130 case and was wondering if anyone has created a flat PSU backplate to replace the included backplate.  I have a short length PSU and would like the back of the PSU to be flush with the backside of the Elite 130 case.

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Tarant Ella    0

This back plate is a good idea that could be extended to include most Cooler Master cases but especially the 110,120,130 series.



The reason being that there are a lot of people now using mini itx boards many without the need for a standard atx psu looking for a well designed and reasonably priced case.


My recent purchase was an Asrock AM1H board with integral DC socket (looking a bit lost in it's current 334U case) but most other itx boards require a small hole in the case somewhere for a dc socket. Perhaps this could be designed in to the case manufacture and fitted with a small plastic removable plug.


But you don't have to stop there!


Using a itx board with integral GPU and no atx psu means there's a large space in the case.


A back plate the size of a psu could perhaps be fitted with twin 80mm exhaust fans or something to hold more drives or even more imaginative stuff.





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