CM Scout 2 Front Panel Faulty

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WestRJ    0



I have recently purchased a CoolerMaster Storm Scout 2 chassis. I experienced soft voice output on the front panel speaker. After checking the cable, motherboard connection etc....


I found shoddy soldering on the front panel (see pictures). The chassis serial number is SGC2100KWN11151400070 (could not register on website). Will also contact local dealer but cannot wait 2-4 weeks for replacement.










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Pclinde    197

Hi René,


Since you recently bought it, please try to solve this with your local dealer. 




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cheers? you just told a customer to buzz off its not your problem ? its a brand new case covered by manufactures warranty of defective shoddy manufacturing and your pawning it off to the retailer ?

REALLY ??  this happened to me the same day i received my scout 5 years or so ago when i had a similar issue that to this day has not been addressed. I can tell you right now the retailer will not back the product repair or replacement because coolermaster will most likely not reimburse them as well and they know it

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