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Ali Abbas    34

and once again, here some,,,,,well maybe the last ones and videos












the first video is in german, but he closes in on the electromechanics too when i explain how it opens etc.. also how the camera drawer bridge mechanics work and how the ram battons are switched. also teh swing out concealable elctro monitor mechanism.



this video is not the best quality, i made it after it was more or less ready in 2015, but its not the best quality. but its in english :-)

it actually explains everything i thought up though.

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Ali Abbas    34

3x German Champion Scratch Build 2015. :happy7:

One thing I would like to mention before hand is, that this build, just like all my builds is a 100% handmade creation.
No CNC, 3D Printer, Laser or Waterjets at all were used. No automatic tools, only hand held tools were in use.

Hi everyone. Her is my entry Scratch Build for the CM World Series 2016.
It is a theme I always wanted to build and when the new Vikings series started it was actually the kick start for this one.
The vikings are omni present even though they actually only pillaged and plundered and stole and murdered in historic time window of approx. 230 years. after that they managed through settlements and adjusting to simply flow and blend in with the rest of europe.
The settled down, made deals with certain kingdoms, truces and land owning as well as trade started and thex even converted to christianity. All this and the flow of history in general led to them simply diminishing in the wake of a new era.
Nevertheless, they ahve left a mighty legacy and by god its one worth telling about.
Amongst the stories we are told, many legends and heroes as well as myths and mysteries were created and still are being discovered.
Many lies and legends like the helmets they were supposed to have worn were created by none the less as Wagner and other myths like they even had horns and wings on them were concocted by hollywood for entertainment.
Many things can be relied on as factual though, like the rights of women as somewhat equals, the very functional but rational and some times radical but very efficient form of democracy, as well as the stories and there with growing legends of brave warriors and expediteuers and adventurers who discovered the americas long before Columbus and Amerigo did.

This case is not dedicated toa a single legend but to all of them, with all the heroes and heretics, whether brave or bad, whethere true or untrue.
Its was however very much inspired by the historcally true but at the same time drenched in mysterious tales of one Warrior.

May the modding begin.  :evil4:

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