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US Cooler and EU mainboard/PSU compatibility

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eddman X    0


I'm writing from Armenia and am interested in buying a 212 EVO cooler.

I see that in the spec sheet, different currents are rated for US and EU versions; 0.22A and 0.19A, respectively, which I think is because of the different electricity voltages, 120 V vs. 220-230 V.

Since I'll be buying from newegg, I assume it'll be a US version.

My question is; will it work with my EU mainboard and PSU, or do I have to specifically use an EU version cooler?

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knud    128

The EU version needs lower ampere, because the fan runs at a lower speed. 

In this case, it has has nothing to do with 110v vs 220/230v :)


And yes, it will work fine with any (EU) motherboard and power supply.

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