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Master Case Pro 5 and Custom liquid cooling

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So I'm in the middle of choosing a case for my next computer upgrade. My current one won't support custom liquid cooling unless I remove all my HDD cages, but then I'm left with no HDD or SSD cages, so I though the Master Case Pro 5 would be a good choice.


My plans for the system is a dual 120mm radiator at the top, maybe a second one at the front to cool down more, and move the drive cages to the bottom basement, and use that free spot for the pump/resevoir. Is the Master Case Pro 5 good for custom liquid cooling or should I find another case? Because I really like the looks of this particular case :)

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knud    129

If you don't need the optical drive bays, the MasterCase Pro 5 will suit your needs.

The HDD cage can be mounted all the way on the bottom and there is still some room for a pump. (Not sure where you want to mount it exactly?)

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