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Skull Rider by 2R&D

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we continue with the work of the ' fuel tank ' ^^

3D design on the screen and the 3D model on the table .. I would say it's well done ; )

other detail

and now a test to see how he is on the main frame ^^


e ora il più e il meglio... vetro resina O_O

et violà...
Once dried it all just have a nice, it need a deep sanded, primer and painting : D

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I try a new way to post photos , slightly larger so that you can see without being ' forced ' to click on it
I hope you like the idea :)


main structure quite ready


I have to say.. it's sexy :D

front wheel detail


a top view to give a better idea about dimensions..


and finally the tank of the tank after a bit of Sand it and paint..
It is not the final version of course .. the idea would be to cover it with some material that lends credence to say .. working in progress ; )


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I leave you some details about working progress

what about the wheels fender ? I love them:D





what do you think about this chopper forks? (beta version)



next up will be always more juicy! and after finally CM and  Hyperx components! :)

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I hope that this Easter there has also brought a lot of modding with the chocolate !!
but if it were not so ... let's go on modding time! :D


let's start from the crease of the hands performed with hot air gun


anatomically it can be improved but functional side is good to make sure that the skeleton will rest on the handlebars;)


chopper seat:
2 layers of wood glued bent with a vise and hot water ...
the effect is more than adequate to say
easy realization and execution


when bending ..




and finally a little test to see how it goes


PROX STEP: handlebar ..
just post a draft pre bending to give you the idea of ​​how they are progressing the work :)

and finally, dear children, will post a pearl that I think will be one of the many touches of the project class .... rims OLD SCHOOL !!

This is a trial version to the final version will be the exact width;)



go go go

see you next^^

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