Cooler master Hyper T4 can't keep AMD FX-8320 under 60?

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Jochem    0

Hi guys!

Recently I bought a Cooler Master Hyper T4 to cool my AMD FX-8320 (NOT OVERCLOCKED) because I hoped to get better temps and (obviously) lesser noise compared to the stock amd cooler.

Well, With the noise thing its great, The T4 is really quiet but the temps are higher compared to the stock amd cooler

At idle/webbrowsing I get between 30 degrees and 45 celcius but in-game (especially with bf4) the temps rise up to 66! (62 is the max of the CPU) Even the stock cooler had better temps than the T4!?

Which in my opinion is weird, since the heatsink and fan both are way bigger than the stock amd cooler.


case sharkoon t28

cpu AMD FX 8320 3.5 Ghz (NOT OVERCLOCKED)

gpu msi gtx 960 4gb

ram 16gb ddr3 ram single channel (since the cooler was so big my ram didnt fit in dual channel

motherboard; MSI gaming 970


I hope someone here can help me out!



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knud    129

How much thermal grease did you use?

And how is the airflow in your case? Perhaps post a picture of your build to help determine if there is something that can help to improve thermal performance.


Also, the Hyper T4 is quite thin, I'm surprised to read that you can't fit 2 pcs of RAM?

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