Upgrading Phenom II x4 965 to a FX 8370

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Will installed the FX8370 chip an added another fan to my CM 212 EVO and the temps for the cpu stays at 31c w/4.0Ghz and motherboard at 28c , I've been doing a lot of searching for a better air cooler , I have been looking at a Phanteks PH-TC14PE for replacement of my CM 212 EVO maybe this fall.



Fall is here and when it comes to air cooling you can't go wrong with a Phanteks PH-TC14PE. If you have low profile RAM sticks, you should have no issues.

If you have tall, high profile RAM sticks, you may have to modify a cooling tower to get it to fit, but this is pretty simple to do. I had to modify it to fit with my Corsair Dominator Platinum RAM. Once modified and installed, a cooling tower covered up 2 of my 4 sticks of RAM so at that point I decided to cover up the other 2 RAM sticks by using a third 120mm fan which had to be smaller than other 2 fans in order to fit with my RAM and still be able to line up properly with other 2 fans. 

Oh, I also did the sharpie mod on the 3 fans to make the Phanteks lettering stand out. 

It's a great, massive air cooler and with 3 fans plus a rear exhaust fan, that's 4 fans in a row pushing a hurricane of air out the back. 


3rd 120mm fan is installed next to my RAM so that all 3 fans line up at the front.




I'm still working on cable management, you'll have to excuse my GPU and Motherboard power cables. With this CPU cooler, you can't even see the CPU power cable, lol. 

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