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CM Storm Devastator mouse doesn't work

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I bought the mouse and keyboard combination about a week ago. I only got 1 problem. The mouse isn't working. The lights and stuff work but it doesn't show a cursor in windows.

When i first plugged the mouse in my computer it worked for like half a second, but then it stopped working. So i try a another pc and there it dit the same thing. A day later i booted my pc up and the mouse worked. The i switched the mouse to the motherboard USB and then it didn't work anymore. Since then i haven't got it working. I got windows 10. 


Please help me!


Sorry for my bad grammar, i'm dutch...

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i also hv CM devastator with blue led ... run at win 10 pro 64bit


Bought at 03/01/2016 i just put into the usb port and play ... that all


My suggestion try plug your Devastator to others PC and see how .. if the problem still there ... You hv return to your local market  ( RMA )

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