Matthew Brown

Where can I order spares? UK

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Hi All, 


Sorry if I have posted in the wrong section. I have been looking around online trying to find out where i can order spares from. Basically My girlfriend threw away the box with the Intel adapters when we moved house. I want to make the jump to a intel cpu now but realize I cant without the correct parts. 


I have a Nepton 240m 


If someone is using a AMD setup and wants to PM me, I can paypal you to get them sent?


Otherwise if there is a vendor I can buy them from I will do that. 


Thanks so much 

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Sunday Morning    177

Well guys, no reply from any of the emails I sent out to CoolerMaster :/


Hehehe you should have to wait .. they will reply you in shortly


other option is via live chat ... you can try this option :)

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