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Newbie to building a pc and figuring out the specs

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Ethan L    0

Im pretty new to pc building and i recently built a simple not over clocking gaming pc with the standard intel heat sink, but i wanted to upgrade it to the hyper 212 evo in my Fractal Design core 3300 and i dont know if the fan will fit in my case because i dont want to buy it and figure out it doesnt fit even though just $30 you could get another 8gb of ram with that $30 so my point is does the hyper 212 evo fit in the fractal design core 3300? Thank you for answering *if you do :P*


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snapper69    1

Checking the spec for your case indicates that it will take a cooler up to 185mm high. The spec for the hyper 212 evo lists it as being 120 x80x159 mm, so it should easily fit, with room to spare.

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