Jacob Hirsch

CMS-693-KKN1 180 mm side fan

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Hello to all members,

I am a new member, bought a CMS-693-KKN1 case.

The specification lists the possibility to install a 180 mm side fan.

I bought a Silverstone SST-FM181 180mm variable speed silent fan but the installation holes on the side panel do not match the fan holes.

Could anybody specify a make /model of a 180 mm fan that will match ?



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Hi Mohd Noh,

Thanks fo your reply.

I will take some pictures and attach them, but it will take some time.

The problem with your suggestion is that there are no holes at all for a 200mm fan.

There are 2 sets of holes for 2 120mm side by side fans and 1 set of holes with 155mm spacing.

The 180mm fan has 1 165mm spacing (I measured the one I bought).

I would assume that the 200mm fan would require a 185mm spacing for the holes.

So unless I get some suggestions I will have to use just 120mm fans.




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Sunday Morning    177

Hello again Mohd Noh,

I plan to do just that.

Attached please find a picture and the spec of my PC.

Thanks again



Hi Jacob


tq for the picture ...  :)


but i love to see the fan 180mm and the side panel ... as you mention ( the hole not match )

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