Ivan Zolotukhin

412 Slim - can I use just 1 fan of 2?

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Hi Everyone!

Yesterday I bought a new CM 412 Slim for my i5-6500. I didn't expected it to be such massive and large in width x height. Motherboard is mATX factor, so if I mount cooler and gForce 760 they are very close, having just a little gap between.

As I see from product description, the second fan is "optional"... So I think I might just remove it, creating more space. But is it safe/right?

Intel i5-6500 is not very hot (like 65W or something), comparing to i7 same gen.

Otherwise I'll have about 1/2 inches from second fan to back of videocard plate, filled with hot air from CPU, which doesn't seem nice.

What do you think, guys?



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Sunday Morning    174

Hi Ivan


You can try both side :)


Try one fan and see how ... 


i hv seidon and seidon coming with single fan .. so i put one more fan ...


* with dual fans my seidon running and better than one fan ... 

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