Air cooler suggestion for i7-3770/LGA 1155/regular size tower

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Can you please suggest me an air cooler for my HP desktop  (Model: HPE h9-1215t Phoenix) which has the following config;

  1. Intel Core i7-3770 (Ivy Bridge) (77W) 3.4 GHz
  2. Socket Type: LGA 1155 (Socket-H2)
  3. Motherboard: IPMMB-FM (Formosa)
  4. Regular-sized PC tower measuring 16.22 by 6.89 by 16.34 inches (HWD)
Tower/Case is not that big, so bigger air coolers doesn't looks like an option. I already tried fitting the following with no luck -_- ;
  1. Hyper 212 EVO (Did not fit due to height factor)
  2. GeminII S524 Ver.2 (Did not fit due to width factor)
Liquid cooler doesn't looks like an option, because tower/case is compatible to coolers with radiator size 92mm only. The only liquid cooler which I found with this spec is the OEM liquid cooler that came with the system "Asetek 545lc", but its too noisy and I would prefer not to go back to this again. 
Please help suggesting a replacement air cooler which would be easy to install and would not require to remove the motherboard from the case.

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