Fans not running on Nepton 240m

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I just recently built my PC, and for cooling installed a Nepton 240m. I put 2 CM Jetflo fans on because they're better than the stock fans/have red LED's to match the rest of my build. The case I built in has a PWM fan controller, so I routed the two fans via the splitter provided with the cooler into it, and it in turn is routed to the OPT_FAN port on the motherboard.  The fans' LED lights glow and the cooler pump runs, so I'm pretty sure I've connected everything properly. 
The only thing is, the fans don't ever run, even while I'm running an overclocking stress test. The CPU never raises above ~65 degrees Celsius even while running at 4.7 GHz at 100% usage during a test, so the cooler is obviously functioning, but I'm not sure how that's possible without the fans running. If the fans are calibrated to only run when the CPU reaches a certain temperature, then how do I change them to run at lower temperatures? If the CPU runs at 60 degrees at 4.7GHz with no fans on, I'd like to see how it runs with the fans actually on and running so that I can potentially overclock it even more. 

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snapper69    1

It sounds to me as though you aren't getting enough juice to your fans, try disconnecting one of them and see if the other runs. Most fan controllers that I've seen, require their own power supply, usually from a Sata or Molex connector.

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