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What of this models have more heat dissipation power?

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Gustavo    0

What of this models below have more heat dissipation

power(please put on a list first , second ,

third...)?And where buy this models in Brazil(i am a

final consumer and Brazilian Cooler Master office only

sell to BIIIIIIIG companyies)?




-Vortex Dream 7 ACC-L72


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Gustavo    0

Yeah i received an reply from Cooler Master Brazil office and... they are LOST in the question , they realy don't have nowleage about ... , as an student of computer engeniering i belive(but i whant to be 100% sure) that this is the right order :

First - Vortex Dream 7 ACC-L72 , more heat dissipation power BUT with some noise

Second - EP3-SLMFC - God heat dissipation because its all copper , NO NOISE

Third - DP5-GN01 - larger , NO NOISE.

Fourth - DP5-H6056

Fifht - DP5-FI12

I'm looking for a system with no noise or EXTRA low noise , god heat dissipation, not too expensive AND EASY TO BE FOUND IN BRAZIL... but the office and SITE of Brazil Cooler Master dosen't have to sell or have only to big companyies , i don't now, its realy hard to get an general information(prices , where to buy , ... ) with them.

Sorry about my english...

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It's really hard for me as well because I do not know if some of the reseller here ship to brazil. You are indeed correct about your choice between which one is better though. I will try my best to find out where to buy for you.

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