Jim Underhill

How to fit Nepton 240M to Skylake Socket (1151)

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OK. I've already mashed up a lot of CPU socket pins on my Asus Z170 deluxe mobo. I suspect it was damaged when I fitted the cooling block to the CPU/socket.


I installed the CPU before fitting the board into the case, and then mounted the 240M radiator and fans into the top of my CM693 case, finally mounting the 240M cooling block onto the 1151 socket. The last part was quite difficult because the cooling tubes are quite stiff and resist attempts to fit the cooling block so that it is level on top of the socket.


Has anyone else mounted the 240M on a Skylake socket without causing damage to the socket ?


Should I mount the cooling block with the mobo out of the case ?


I wish now I had stayed with AMD.

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Thanks for the link - very useful.


Forgot to say that I got a replacement mobo from Amazon - their returns service is first class.


In the end I decided to fit the motherboard to the case, then mount the cooling block to the CPU, and finally mount the radiator in the top of the case.

I needed a helper to balance the radiator so that I could get a nice and easy fit of the cooling block, and I had to remove the rear exhaust fan (no sweat) to mount the radiator (CM693).


RESULT - the flipping thing booted.

I'm now on a steep learning curve with the BIOS, and next step will be the drudgery of installing Windows and apps.


Have to say the radiator fans are exceptionally quiet, and I can't hear the water pump.

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