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CM Storm Devastator Mouse Problem

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(I'm not sure if I was supposed to post this in the keyboard forum, or the mice forum, but it's a bundle so I'm not sure.)

Hello CM Storm Community, I'm a new user (I just registered three minutes ago) and I am interested to see if there is any solution to my problem. 

So one day, I was playing CS:GO (Like normal) and I noticed my mouse started to act really weird when I fired. I would hold it down and it would only fire about five bullets and then stop, and it kept getting worse and worse. I thought it was me because it was relatively late and maybe I was just tired, but the next morning I went back on and it just completely stopped. The left-click button has stopped working, I couldn't open a file or steam or anything. 
I thought that maybe it was a USB issue so I moved it from a USB3.0 Port to a USB2.0 Port, and the same thing it didn't work. 
I plugged in another mouse (a bad cordless usb mouse) and that one worked fine. 

I've only used this mouse for about a month now, and the left-click has failed (mouse1). 

I was wondering if anyone had a fix for this? I doubt it, but I was just wondering. 
If there is no solution I will probably do an rma.
Thanks, just wondering :) 

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world    84

It sounds like a defective switch for the left click. :(


I would definitely recommend an RMA if you could!

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