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bagziters    6

Hello CM Forum,


I own 2 pieces of  ATCS 201 Aluminium Cases. I have these Cases since 2001. Each Case cost at this time 300 Euro ($).

But the Case is to small for the present VGA-Card Generation an have only 80mm FANs. It is often noisy.

An acoustic insulation is installed, but the FANs are to loudest Parts. 3x Silent Wings 2 at 1000rpm.



I wish me a new Aluminium Case, with a clear design of the ATCS 201 (no one piece of plastic!!! 5kg Alu).

  • Inside of the Case, the practically Design from CM 690 III or better the MasterCase 5 Pro.
  • Ideal has the Case an Hot-Swap Plate for easy mount and connect HDD / SDD.
  • The best one i know with this feature, is the Lian Li PC-Q26 
  • The Case dimensions can be copy from CM690 or Masterpiece.
  • But the Case should weight lesser then the SECC steel Case.
  • The Weight should be lower than 10kg in pure Aluminium (empty Case).
  • The Motherboard should mount on an removeble slide-tray.

I hope that Cooler Master build a new Case that can continue the fame and glory times of the ATCs-Series  with clear liniear elements, not round, and without plastic-parts!


Please CoolerMaster, create a new ALU case with the quality of the old ATCs Cases!


Sorry my bad Englisch sentences. My Englisch is a little bit rusty.

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bagziters    6

Hi i have found these Video of the CES 2013 which shows or presented a new ATCs 710        at 9:30


217 x 498 x 489 mm is the perfect Case Dimension for an ALU Midi-Case.  Please i will these Case...


and it was never selled by Coolermaster.



The Material Quality of the ATCs was even better as all other manufacture Lian Li, Silverstonetek, and other.


I would buy this ATCs 710, when it possible...

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