Dylan Hall

I will never buy Cooler Master again. And you shoulden't either.

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Dylan Hall    3

Halfway through October I came home to a Computer that would not boot, this normally would not have been an issue and I could have just replaced the PSU. But I'm a college student who recently suffered a financial crisis and can barely afford gas anymore. Now I immedietly mailed it out to CM's RMA department and they emailed me on Nov. 4th saying they recieved it. They also said it would be at most 7-10 buisness days before my replacement was shipped out. Well, Here I am on Nov. 19th and its been 11 buisness days. Not only that but I just got an email saying that my replacement "should" be shipped out sometime next week(That would be at max 17 buisness days!!). This support is unnacceptable. If I do not get my Replacement soon I will have to get a payday loan just to buy a replacement.



And I can promise you Cooler Master. I will make sure that everyone who comes to me for advice when building their PC's gets a mouthfull on why you should never buy Cooler Master. I'm also off to issue my complaint with the BBB.


You can also be certain that if i don't get my replacement soon ill be heading directly to my local "small claims court" to file a law suit. I am VERY displeased.



I have just filed my BBB complaint. It seems funny to me that you guys have an F rating with them. I expect someone to contact me and offer a resolution quickly. If not i'll be following up on my second promise by heading to my local small claims court.

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Shipping to RMA takes longer because there is more pc's to be repaired before yours. This is obvious. So it can take a little longer. And also you don't want them to fix it and the last day hurry up and forget the last bits on the 'i' so to speak. It's better that something takes a bit longer and it's repaired well and you are good to go for years. Then get it back and after a week you see another problem.


Have some patience, this of course has nothing to do with Cooler Master. Personally RMA of 11 or 8 days is extremely good. If the store I bought my computer in repais something it took 2 weeks. And if they send it to the main office it will take 3+ weeks. If they send it RMA? It will take more then 3-4 weeks. Maybe even a month of more cause I live in Europe.


So why are you complaining? That is really fast 8 days. 2 weeks is even extremely fast.


:) Everything will be fine it's better it takes a bit longer and system is fully repaired and in well working order.


Hush hush repairs.... trust me you don't want that.



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Ken Stewart    0

I have been trying to get Coolermaster to respond with some help regarding getting a replacement for the plastic bracket that the leather head pad attaches to the headphones. The two prongs (plastic have broken off)

I have created 2-3 support tickets. Called four times and left 4 VMs. I received an email saying that I should call Ruben at  x132. I did. 5 times!!!!! No one, and I mean no one ever picks up that extension. Then I received two emails saying that the case was closed!!! CoolerMaster products are great. BUT SUPPORT is beyond BAD. I still haven't been able to get a human being to respond to my request.  Buy their products, but expect very little to no support.

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Mark Antic    0

The RMA status for my 1200W Silent Pro Gold PSU has not changed from "Received" in 8 weeks and I've been given no updates. I tried to call today, and phones went direct to voicemail. I've since bought another power supply as I couldn't afford to have my rig down for 8+ weeks. Extremely disappointed in CM's customer service right now..

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