CM Storm Xornet II - Claw Style!

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Installed FW1.03 and software 1.09. The previous on-board mouse settings were maintained as they were, from before flashing the new firmware. The Xornet II still stutters and tracks erratically after start-up, unless the mouse is being moved during start-up. Unplugging and re-plugging the mouse, or restarting the PC, while keeping the Xornet in motion, will restore good tracking. Frankly, FW 1.03 doesn't seem any different from FW 1.02, to me. I only played with the new software a few minutes, before uninstalling it again, since my old settings were still in effect.

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Hi Vladimir,


I've forwarded this.





I don't mean to sound rude, but can you confirm that you're forwarding the information to the devs in a language that they understand? I'm fairly certain nobody asked for a firmware update for which the only discernible change was a decrease in polling rate stability.

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