CM Storm Xornet II - Claw Style!

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Pclinde    197
On 22-11-2016 at 11:53 AM, togisan said:

hello, should I upgrade the firmware latest version (v 1.28)?

Is there any benefit from original one?



Bug fixes & stability.

Kind regards,



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luqketti    0

Is there a way to change the frequency of the rapid fire? I mean is soooo super fast it doesn't register many of the clicks and it actually skips lots of them. Is there a way to change the frequency to idk human speed or whatever I need? 

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Francesco    0

It's so annoying that there's so few mice with this kind of shape (maybe only this, actually). Please CM, do not ever discontinue this mouse. If anything, make an even better version of it. Also, you should consider having only one dpi change button, it's more sleek and two seem unnecessary nowadays. Also, the left and right button are a bit too loud.

Keep up the good work!

Edited by Francesco

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Finnen    0

I was using first Xornet for years and it was the best mouse I had. Unfortunately I started to have problems with left mouse button (sometimes clicks weren't registered) so I got Xornet 2 (was thinking about MM520 but shape is too different, mouse seems larger and longer). Unfortunately, I seem to have a problem. The mouse feels EXTREMELY slippery. When I put my hand on Xornet 1 it feels like I don't have to put any pressure at all to lift the mouse up. It's like it's glued to my hand. Xornet 2, on the other hand, feels super slippery and I can't seem to get a nice and comfortable grip on it. Does anyone had similiar issues when moving from V1 to V2? Does the material get more "sticky" once it's used a bit more? At this point I'm thinking about returning it since it's still new. Any advices?

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