CM Storm Devastator mouse not working

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Brovakiin    1

Hi, A few months ago I purchased one of your products of I am now recently experiencing problems with the mouse now. The mice will not move,click, or scroll. The mouse has been working perfect but now is experiencing issues. I am on windows 10 and here is the error code and such:                 

_________________Error Code_________________________________________________________

Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)
Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)
A request for the USB device descriptor failed.
If you can tell me what to do it would be great. 
                                                                                                                     Kindest Regards,
EDIT: All i had to do was plug in the mouse to another computer then re-plug it. I fixed the problem.
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Pclinde    197

Im have the same problem and dont work replug in another computer


please help

Did you plug it in a USB 2.0 port?

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Having this problem on Devastator II. First thought it could actually be a problem with the USB port config. since I tried it on a new notebook. Tried everything I saw on the intenet relating this issue, but wasn't able to resolve. Now I opened a ticket to change the product, since it's still on warranty time. Could anyone really solve this?

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