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N200 and water cooling

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Hi all,


I just got into the AIO water cooling scene and I have some questions with my N200 case.


I use the Seidon 120M with Hyper 212X dual fans and I positioned it on the back side blowing air outside. I'm aware that the idle temperature using AIO is usually higher than using regular heatsink fan, and since I live in the tropic, average idle is up from low 40 degrees celsius to high 40 degrees celsius. However once CPU utilization is high, I get only around 70 degrees celsius tops without any air conditioning and with outside temperature of 32 degrees celsius, which is nice.


However, I wanted to use the Seidon 240M, and I wonder how the airflow management should be like? Right now I'm using two fan intakes on the front and if I use the Seidon 240M, should the fans blowing air outside the front panel or inside? 

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Sunday Morning    177



Here is Specs for N200


Cooling System Top: 120mm x 15mm fan x 1 (optional)
Front: 120mm black fan x 2 (one XtraFlo is pre-installed)
Rear:120mm black fan x 1 (XtraFlo pre-installed)
*The bundled XtraFlo fans: 3-pin
Side: 120mm fan x 1 (optional)

if iam not mistake is there no space for the Seidon 240m


But i found some useful : 


Hope this can help you

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Hi Moh Noh,


Thanks for the reply.


The Seidon should fit because it's displayed on CM website.




My question is based on where the fan should blow. Because if the two radiator fans act as intake, it will blow hot air from the radiator into the case. If reversed, then I have no intake except to change the rear and top as intake which I don't prefer as my place is very dusty.


I bought Elite 130 last month and using my current setup my graphics card fan is always 50-70% and kind of noisy so moved back to N200 again. I don't like tall cases, and prefer SFF, however if that means sacrificing airflow I'd go back to tall cases. 

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Sunday Morning    177

Hi Mic,

its depend what situation you have .. My Opinion Blow out the Air is the best way .. since you place have very very bad dusty :)

you can try setup both side ... blow in or blow out the air and see how much different



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