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I bought a seidon 240m and right out of the box, the pump refuses to power on. The light on the plate comes on, and the radiator fans come on just fine, but the pump is silent. At first I thought that maybe my pump was just super quiet, but after a couple of minutes the heat sink got red hot and the radiator stayed ice cold.

I tried plugging the pump into multiple mb fan ports, and the problem followed the pump, and all other case fans worked fine.

I also tried forcing the pump to turn on in speedfan, but it doesn't recognize a fan is even plugged in.

So then I tried looking for a molex adapter to plug directly into power supply. Wow, none included.

I totally get that sometimes you just get a faulty product, but this thing not working right out of the box? That's just crappy quality control....

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knud    128

DOA products do happen unfortunately. I suggest you to claim a RMA with place or purchase.

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