[Help] QuickFire Ultimate LEDs.

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So, my girlfriend spilled some water on my QuickFire Ultimate and a few of the LEDs don't work anymore. 

I bought a few 3mm LEDs and tried them out but they were very dim compared to the others on the keyboard. Can anyone point me in the right direction in finding the exact right 3mm LEDs that I would need, or even where to buy them?


That would be awesome.

I own this keyboard and the Corsair K70 RGB, and I still greatly prefer this one.

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CM Bram    35

Hi Skeleton,


Good you like our keyboard still .. ;)


As for the LEDs, I am not 100% sure on the spec of these but I will check with our product team. I will reply you if I can dig out more details of the spec of the LEDs.


Please bare with me!




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