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Hyper Evo 212 Question (using with an LGA 1151)

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For an 1151 motherboard (I have an Asus Z170 - A), which slot on the mounting plate I use?  The outer, middle, or inner slot?

There is no reference to the 1151 in my manual, but I know it's compatible since there is a sticker on the box that says "1151 Support." Basically I just need to know if I use the inner, outer, or middle slot to screw in the plate. Thanks for any help you can provide.

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You need to use the middle slot. (It follows the same installation method of Socket 1156/1155)

Thank you very much. Now that I have you here, can I also ask which screws you use to screw into the mounting plate? Do you use the short ones or the ones that are longer and more narrow?

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