Give me the Context Menu key!

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CM dudes, y u not listen to what customers says?


Seriously, I said this before: why in the name of something, do you make your keyboards with TWO Windows keys? Why would anyone need two Windows keys?

This is an useless redundancy at the expense of a useful key which is the context menu key. Get rid of the right Windows key and bring back the context menu key!


I'm looking to buy another mech. keyboard and guess what - even though I enjoy my Rapid-i, it won't be a another CM, I won't make this mistake again.

Fix this or you've forever lost me as a client and I'm guessing that whoever uses keyboards for other things than gaming (don't you know, people that make games use keyboards too and they need the context menu key) uses that key just as often and therefore will look somewhere else.

Pay a little attention to the "power user" crowd too.


Looking forward to the new CM keyboard with a context menu key.

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Really is astounding that CM doesn't get this.  As of this posting, they're still putting out otherwise great keyboards, but missing such an obvious improvement.  Driving business elsewhere.  Why give someone a reason NOT to buy your product because a simple change that actually ADDS VALUE is not made?  PLEASE make this change; take the right Windows key out and put in a Windows context menu key in its place.  It's that simple.  Thanks.

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