Cosmos S touch power switch

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Arturo    0

My Cosmos S touch power switch has started to act up, after years of working perfectly fine now it doesn't works, when i touch the button the system turns on and then immediately turns off




I have already discarded my PSU and my motherboard as i can just short the power pins with a screwdriver and everything works fine.


I'm using the provided power adapter so the touch sensitive button gets power from the PSU.


And i have also tested the power switch using a multimeter for continuity, when the system is off, there is no continuity on the switch, but when i touch the button it gets continuity so the system starts, but after the system starts the button keeps shorted, so the system takes it as an emergency power off (holding power button for 3 sec) so it turns off.


So the touch power switch keeps shorted after power up, turning off my system afterwards.


Is there anyways i can fix this? maybe a replacement power switch? or someone have experienced this in the past and found a solution? im experienced in electronics so i can solder components and stuff.

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knud    129

It seems the switch broke down after all those years.

I suggest to contact support directly - they can help you with a replacement. 

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CM Bram    37

I have this same issue and love this case. Were you able to get this issue resolved through Customer Support? If so who would I need to contact?




You can do that on via a ticket, livechat or call :) 




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