Shantanu Shishir

CM Octane Gaming Gear Combo GUI

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Bob    0

Second this suggestion.  A minimum, a way to assign/re-assign keys is a must.  With the generic Window mouse driver, as Cooler Master requires with this combo, there is no way to assign functions to program keys or mouse buttons.

For example, I don't and won't use the 'media keys' - but I sure would like a key to open commonly used programs and one to put the computer to sleep.


And software could fix this problem:  I love to use the center click button while web browsing, but on this mouse center click usually open two extra tabs as it I double-clicked the link.  And on a blank spot, instead of opening a smooth scroll option, it open and then closes it.  Oddly, I find that a center click and hold, then move the mouse allows the smooth scroll to stick and then work.

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