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SMPS fan Current rating

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Hi. I am using Cooler Master RS-650-PCAR-E3 power supply bought few years ago. The smps fan died a few days ago and I need to replace it. The current fan (originally) provided by Cooler Mater is ADDA Dc brushless Model- AD1212US-A71GL DC 12V / 0.50A 2500 RPM / 98.6CMF I bought the following fan Brand- Cooler Master Model- R4-S2S-124K-GP DC 12V / 0.15A Will this be compatible? specially the current ratings are low by almost 1/3 rd of the old fan? There are  other other varients too but none with the current rating with above 0.30A. So I am not ure if I should use the fan (12V dc) with lower current rating. Response and suggestion will be appreciated. Thank you.

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