Quickfire TK - Annoying FN Lock

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vierlex    0

What seems to be a nice feature at first, wasnt thought through till the end it seems..


Most of the time I use the mute/louder/quieter keys so there are two scenarios how I can do that:

  • hold FN and press the F10-F11 keys to find the perfect volumne
    the problem with this is that sometimes i hold it longer than 3 seconds, so the F keys get locked in their multimedia functionality. not convenient when playing a game
  • use the FN lock and just press F10-F11
    the problem is that i cant use the actual F1-12 keys, it might be obvious that holding FN and pressing F10 would actually send F10 but no, you have to unlock by holding the FN key again, which makes the feature kinda pointless

so is there a way to get rid of that FN lock?

maybe a firmware update or something?


all in all it is a nice keyboard, it would be a shame to return it because of this annoyance..

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Atlantis    0

Same proble here. It seems in case the FN key is pressed for three seconds, the keys stays in FN-mode. When you F10-F11 the sound is decreasing/increasing (as you described). By your comment I found out that FN can be unlocked by pressing the FN-key again for three seconds.



Indead, this is annoying. I am not using it for gaming, just for typing and sometimes I want to change the sound volume.

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RobertLogia    0

Has anyone figured anything out on this issue yet?


I am having the same problem. When I press or hold the fucntion key with f10 or f11 to control the volume it tends to continue incresasing or decreasing the volume, and if i am in a browser the window rapidly continues going between maximized and fullscreen. I can hold the FN to take off the lock, and I have to keep hitting f11 to get it to stop changing the window size.


This is extreemly annoying if im just trying to quickly adjust my volume. I really like this keyboard, but may have to return it if this issue can't be fixed.

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CM Bram    37

There is no way arround this unfortunatly.. It is set up like this so you can choose to have either the normal F keys functions or the FN F keys functions by just a simple press without having to press the FN keys. But when it comes to the volume key you indeed have a valid point, unfortunatly for the current TK we cannot change this. 

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