Michael Bernat

Seidon 240M Pump Noise

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Hello everyone!  I hope I can find some answers or if any one else has had this experience.


In my case, my motherboard lays horizontally like it would on a test bench.  This apparently has created a problem as the Seidon's pump is now massively loud and vibrating audibly.


My motherboard is a Maximus VIII Gene with a dedicated W_PUMP header that the seidon is connected to.


Since the Seidon pump header is NOT PWM, and only has 3 pins, I was able to use a 3-pin in-line resistor to reduce the RPMs of the pump.  I got this (luckily) from a Corsair SP120 Silent Edition fan that halves the operational RPM range.


This has (mostly) gotten rid of the issue.  Sometimes the pump will make a ticking sound after it has been on for about 4 hours.


Cooling performance is not noticeably affected.


Has anyone else encountered a similar issue with these pumps?  I can try to capture audio/video of it tonight with and without the resistor.

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