No update on RMA and rude live chat

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Requested a RMA for a CM 1200 Watt silent Gold PSU with a fused power on switch, when spoke to the agent for the rma they was very plesent and helpful and said they would just most likely replace the model for a v series 1200 watt platinum as the silent pro series is discontinued now and replaced with the V series, the RMA ticket was pretty fast and simple, sent it next day arrived on the 26th Aug, 9 days later and no confirmation email from CM that it has arrived, so spoke to live chat to make sure it had arrived and if so the status and see if they was going to fix or replace the PSU since its no longer being made, the agent said they received it but couldn't tell me any details of the RMA its self i asked do you think it would be replaced for a equal level model since they dont make that model anymore and got the answer " what dont you think we can fix it " in what sounded like a rude manor, well i figured probably since the model isn't made anymore probably not since the parts wont be available.


anyway i stayed calm and was told that 2 days ago the RMA would be done and will receive a email confirmation of shipping, decided to wait and see and still nothing, tried calling the hq in netherlands which is a international call and no answer from them. its been 9 day since they received it and no updates no emails and false promises. so far been a mixed experience with CM RMA team and no updates at all on my RMA status and dont have no idear when i will get my pc working again which i need.


here is the RMA number 1439793658


does anyone know how long it takes for cooler master EU to RMA psu's in the uk and have they had any similar experiences



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