Cosmos II - 2 Pins for a fan?

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Yaron    0


I recently bought the Cosmos II and I notice cables 2 pins to turn off or turn on the LEDs of a fan.
I find nothing with 2 male pins to be connected to it.
anyone have a reference?
Thank you.

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CM Michiel    12

Hi Yaron,


These connectors are indeed for turning on/off the LED of a fan.

You have to use compatible fans what have the LED separately. These fans are available on our CM part shop:




Standard only the front fan in the Cosmos II has LED ;)

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edokie    0

My Cosmos II 25th Anniversary Edition has eight wires with two pin connectors, but these aren't mentioned in the manual that came with the case. My EVGA X299 DARK motherboard does not have any plugs for two pin connectors. What are they for and how do I activate them? Where do these 2 Pin connectors connect on the Cosmos Case? I assume they are for LEDs is that correct? Thank you.

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Abaidor    0

Oops I just noticed this thread after having replied to the other one.


Not all fans have separate 2-pin LED connectors and with the advent of RGB fans these are most probably obsolete unless you find something else that can be turned on-off through these (low power of course). 


I am doing some mods to the case such as ditching all the USB 2.0 ports and replacing them with USB 3.0 and 1X USB 3.0 Gen 2 (10Gb/s) Type-C plug as well as an HDMI pass-through. I will also get rid of the E-Sata port (obsolete) for the HDMI pass-through.  

I might as well get rid of the Fan-Controller and place an Aquero 6 in its place if Asus Fan Expert does not do a good job but I am still looking for a use for it since I don't want it for my PWM fans.   


It is an old case that I love but some things show their age so since Cooler Master does not update them it is mod time.  





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