CM Seidon 240M install with taut tubing

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I was hoping for some help here-


I am in the process of building a new machine and am using semi-premium stuff all around.  The build is based on the i7 4790K with a CM Seidon 240M liquid cooler -- Asrock Z97 OC Forumla Motherboard and all inside an AZZA 8000 Nova.


So we were at first having some trouble getting the Seidon 240M installed.  I was able to re-arrange a bit and have successfully installed the entire CM package, but the tubing is basically at maximum length.  I want to make this clear- i am not "pulling the hair out of the scalp" so to speak nor stretching it dangerously or anything like that, but in my opinion it is simply at it's maximum possible length.  I am wondering if this is okay?  I bought CM for it's reputation not only for cooling but for high quality and durability and successful operation over long periods of time.  I am just concerned that something is going to break and leak and ruin everything I bought and it will be a big problem.


Again I do not believe i have done anything other than basically follow the directions precisely and perfectly and installed it correctly ... it's just that the tubing is fully extended and there isn't any real slack, it's at it's full length.  IS this all good in the CM / Seidon 240M hood?


Thank you very much for your collective time and help!

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