I'm 99.9% sure I know the answer to this query is "yes", but...

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ajfaull    1

I think I already know the answer, but after 30 years in IT, I have learned to never assume.


I returned my CM Silent Pro M1000 Power supply to RMA for repair. They did such a good job of repairing it that it became a Vanguard 1000W.   My question; Since I already have the cables run in the tower for the device power, all going back to where the power supply is, are the peripheral power cables the same between the Silent Pro M and the Vanguard series of power supplies?


I know they are both the flat power cables made out of the ribbon cable.

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CM Patrick    34

Hello Andrew,


Actually the pin out for the V1000 cables is different than the cables for the Silent Pro M1000. You will need to remove the PSU cables that are in your case and use the ones that came with the V1000.


Please let me know if you have any further questions,



CMUSA Support

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Mohd Noh    29
1 hour ago, Kevin Moore said:

I know this is a very old post, But what are the chances you still have the Silent Pro M1000 cables, would u be willing to sell them?

Hello Kevin

You can ask our customer services maybe they can looking as you mentioned above .

+ i will close down your thread in others section

Hope this can help

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