David Lloyd-Jones

Very Disapointed with Cooler Master

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What can I say over £50 down and NO solution for faulty goods sold to me by cooler master. I have been told it is better if you live in other country's but I live in UK and here is what the case is here, Brought a cooler fan didn't work so I registered the cooler and requested a replacement fan all OK, Then after 6 months replacement fan failed so I took the fan off and fitted some other fan's (None Cooler Master), problems started. The Cooler wasn't filled enough with coolant (read forums common problem) so requested a RMA, took about 2 weeks to get a RMA. The UK service desk told me to post a RMA with a address for the Netherlands on to a UK address, Now these people work in RMA department surly they know you can't post something to 2 addresses but Apparently my fault for posting to wrong address but its the address on the RMA form ?, so anyway seeming that it was actually a cooler master service center it was posted to they decided to post it back to me with fee's, So anyway my broken cooler finally arrived back home after about 8 weeks on being to the Netherlands etc and costing me a lot in postage and return fee's. Now I know someone looked at my cooler as the pipes are broke and there is No coolant what so ever in the box not even a coolant stain. So how this happen NOT only have cooler master sold faulty good's but they are willing to do anything to cover up including damaging people's property I threatened to weigh the cooler and split it on YouTube as a test of how much coolant was actually in the unit but now thanks to there criminal damage I am unable to do it, and as they have returned the cooler I am unable to claim off the royal mail so just shows don't complain to them they are power hungry. Now I have spent more than the cooler is actually worth trying to get it replaced I just hope 1 person reads this and decides to buy another brand of cooler it has been worth my time.





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