Tsu Yuan Nieh

GPU fan failure.

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Hi, I am a newbie here so I apologise first if there is terms I used wrong or not giving you enough information to answer my question.


I have a problem with my Dell computer, it came with a Nvidia GT705 graphic card; yesterday it started to make a very loud noise and I cleaned it but could not stop it from making the noise. So I removed it from graphic card and looking for a new replacement.


It is surprisingly hard to find one on the market. I think he part number is CM 14 11. It came with the computer so I don't really know the specification of the fan. It looks like about 3 cm in diameter.


Anyway, I really appreciate any help for finding the replace.

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CM Patrick    34

Hello Tsu,

I apologize for the trouble with your computer. You would need to contact either Dell or Nvidia for the replacement part since this is an OEM product.



CMUSA Support

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