Project Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth

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DBRichard    4
The Deadpool rig was shown at an event so just before that I did a couple of cables like the custom SATA power, a yet incomplete 24 pin (almost done) and I was working on the GPU power cables but those didn't get close to finished in time.


Received two covers for the backside from the laser cutter, he messed up since the height of both covers wasn't on point but a little bit too big, since I was in a hurry I decided to sand down the edges a bit and then polish them on the right cover for the cables, that one worked, the other one didn't fit at all.


It has gotten a little bit busy with some other things including building a new website and another casemod but here is the current progress in pictures :)


Overall view



The SATA power and 8 pin CPU power cables put together in a spiral, it looks pretty good and I think I'll keep it like this and just add the 4 pin CPU power to the spiral.



The 24 pin cables going from the tray channels to the PSU



This sleeving looks so damn nice, I also curled the 24 pin cables like the SATA and CPU power and it just adds a nice rough look :)

I'll also turn that CM grill on the PSU right side up since it is bugging me.



The SSD's nicely behind the acrylic cover, you can see how precise the fit is with the cables



Even though these are not all the 24 cables yet it gives a good idea how everything will look



The heatshrink on the SATA power cables became loose but that should be fixed easily



Had a chat with someone from ASUS at the event where the Deadpool build was set up, I told him I wasn't going to watercool the motherboard since I liked the I/O cover too much and didn't want to take mine apart, so he offered to send me one to take apart, seems like MB watercooling is back on the menu.


It arrived and I wasn't sure if it would be soldered together or if I would have to grab my dremel to cut it away, apparently it just slides into place and they glued it, just twist and then pull it out, it's not that hard to remove :) (don't know why I haven't seen it done anywhere else)



I've been working on idea's for the radiator, pump and reservoir setup/mounts for weeks, 2 weeks ago I had 5 idea's pretty much worked out.

1. Waterpack: mounted on the backside, 2x 240mm rad and a powerful pump/res combo all put inside a custom designed aluminium mount.

2. External tower: A completely separate tower with quick disconnect.

3. A pedestal mount: A big aluminium sheet bend into an upside down U shape with two rad mounts and a pump/res mount in the middle between the rads


The other two where different versions of 2 and 3 so I won't go too much into those


I made some drawings and worked some out in 3D but they all looked way too large to use with such a small case except for the waterpack idea so that's what I'm going for, I'm already working on the 3D design to have it cut :) will post it when it's done.


I don't know when the next update will be since I got a lot to do at the moment but I hope to show the 3D model soon.

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DBRichard    4
Not yet the waterpack design update but I did receive the coolants that I will use.


Mayhems Aurora 2 Silver and X1 Blood Red will be mixed together



I did a little test and it looks good, not exactly like I want it but I'll get a Deep Red Dye and Silver Booster for when I put it in the loop so I can make some adjustments ;)


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DBRichard    4
I'm back with another update, back in January I was working on the Radiator Pack and the image below shows how that came to look (there were still mounts to add)



Sadly recently the company that would fabricate the bend tubing replied to me saying their machines can not handle the small diameter tubing so I am forced to put this back in the fridge and start a new design for the watercooling parts.


More as soon as I have something to show

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