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Not Happy With V1000 RMA

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I bought Cooler master V1000 last January ,so like past 1 year, it killed one of my 290X. I thought it might be my 290X so I sent it for RMA and started using my second 290x. it was working great.. i played GTA 5 Online, then shut downed the system like 4 in night. Following day around 12PM, i turned my PC on and dammm, nothing happens. So i tried my second card in another PC, and found out that the second card is also dead.

Then tried turning on PC without any card, and it turned on.. so i thought it was my card, coz of same batch.. But then again next day, PC died, even without any card.. Then i thought it might be my motherboard(Z87X-SOC Force) so i used another board.. for one day that board worked, then same old thing, that board died. So basically i had to RMA my 2 mother boards, 2 high end GPU's. 

So yesterday, i went to Cooler master service center(SMC international), Nehru Place, Delhi, India , which is their very own reputed re seller and service handling.. Thay are saying that my PSU is fine, and they wont RMA it..This sickens me.. It costed me 16,000 INR($250 Approx) and now i got treated like this. I got my whole 2 PC's dead and RMA, and this is what i get. SMC International are the guys who also handle Cooler Master's products launch and all India Distributer and they do this to me.. I rejected to my old PSU back.. Told them i wont take it until i get my PSU replaced or get V1200 in exchange for this behavior.. I don't know what to do.. Very very unhappy with Cooler Master's India RMA system and support. This was my first CM product and RMA.. 5 year warranty for what, a box which malfunction in just one and half year...I wont take my old PSU back. very bad experience.. Don't think i'll be getting any other CM product ever, or at least they fix their RMA handling here.They even gave me a hand written RMA slip stating my submitted serial number and model.

I attached below what they gave me as an RMA slip.. Such a poor condition here of cooler master.. 


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I don't know if you tried calling Cooler Master directly, but this is usually a user to user forum.  And although occasionally moderators from CM swing by to check in on us; they usually just drive by and don't always comment or read the posts. Especially in the Power Supply area.



The Partner look-up on the International site shows an Acro Engineering as a distributor at the following address and phone;


Acro Engineering

C87 DDA Sheds , Okhla Industrial Area

Phase -I,New Delhi


Phone: 9871949398 , 9810908354 ,



If that is the same place you tried, or they are unwilling to help; try calling CM at the Corporate Number in Taiwan +886-2-2225-3517.  I have no Idea who you would talk to there, guess you would just have to try to explain it to what ever secretary you get connected to.

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