Silencio 652S Water cooling

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Hey every one,
I'm thinking of making a new PC and a good silence case, and to use AIO water cooling in the front of the case is that possible in the Silencio 652S or are all AIO loops to short to reach the CPU from the front?
Also for people who have this case, is it good at dampening noise?

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Pclinde    197



A 240mm radiator (AIO) water cooling should fit. (Top and front).


The latest Nepton 240M (also interesting if your looking for a nice AIO set, should be able to reach the CPU when installed in the front).


Cheers, Pim

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Sunday Morning    177



Is it possible to use a Nepton 280L with the Silencio 652S? (unfortunately not listed in the compatibility list)


And is there a Coolermaster Product which can be connected to a water cooled GPU like ASUS ROG Poseidon GTX 980? (https://www.asus.com/Graphics-Cards/POSEIDONGTX980P4GD5/)






Sorry the Silencio 652s cant handle the Nepton 280L, Silencio only support 240m on top,pls refer our website : http://www.coolermaster.com/case/mid-tower/silencio652s/

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Hi, it is an old post but I will try anyway.
After 10 years I'm back to desktop PC and finally, I'm having some fun.


I have a Silencio 652S and a MasterLiquid 240 PRO, the recommendation is to install it at the top of the case but I think this will require me to remove the plastic cover and therefore the cabinet will be dusty and noisier.


I am therefore trying to install the radiator at the front of the cabinet (internal) and the two fans at the external front part of the cabinet. 

It fits, and I can move the HDD supports slightly without problems, the only issue I have is related to the length of the screws. Those cannot, in fact, connect radiator + cabinet layer + fan, it is just a couple of millimetres short.


So my questions are:

1) Do you think I can find longer screwers somewhere?

2) Can the 240 PRO be installed at the top and operate covered?

3) If I manage to install the cooling system at the front, the hot air will be pushed inward, increasing the temperature of the case, so can I install the fans upside down?


Thank you for help


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knud    129

The older Nepton 240 will fit in the top. But the newer MLP240 will not: the radiator dimension is bigger :(

But, with some standoffs it could be fitted (depends a bit on your M/B + RAM too).

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