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CM Storm Enforcer

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Ion Bulgac    0

Hi Cooler Master. I very much like this case:"CM Storm Enforcer. I would like very much to see a new version of it, an improved version, because this version is from 2011.

The things I want to be improved in this case are:

1. the screws on the left side to be replaced with thumbs screws

2. dust filters in front top, and bottom of the case to protect the fans from getting dust

3. the back fan which is included, I want to be a 140mm, not 120, because will make less noise, and it will give a better air flow

4.Rubber grommets, for improvement of cable management like there is in Storm Trooper

5.a handle on top to carry out very easily, when needed.

So these are my top 5, I cannot say issues, but there are my requirements as your customer. I don't say you must take into consideration my requirements, at least some of the thing listed above you should keep in mind, as a manufacturer that takes user feedback into account. Thank you sincerely.


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Pclinde    197



Thanks for the suggestions! It's a lovely case, espcially the front panel. :)


Cheers, Pim

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