Fan/Front Panel Wiring??? CM Storm Trooper Case

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Mark    0

I recieved my case (CM Storm Trooper) and have started working on my build inside it.  But when I'm am some what confused on is the Fan/Front Panel wiring.  There is absolutely no anything about it in the manual, speaking of which looks like was written by a 2nd grader.  There is really no explaination on anything in it, just a picture and then a brief sentance, "Replace Fan"  and most of the pictures aren't really great at explaining anything.  I understand most case manuals are poor this one just struck me as one of the worst.  But I degress...


So I've got like 3 of 4 cables I'm not really sure what they are for.  I'm guessing 1 is going to supply power to the front panel LED's and another for the 2 front fans?  But I'm not sure as to which is which.  None of them is labeled and again nothing in the manual about them.  There is a dual wire Black/Brown-ish with a 3 pin female end on it, then a black/white cable also with a 3 pin female end on it, one of them has a pigtail with another 3 pin female end on it, forget which it is... at work so can't check at the moment.  Then there is a little tiny wire with an odd 3 pin connection with it, there is another one of them for the fans in the front bays, I'm guessing its the info cable for the front panel display for RPM's, speed or something but nothing is connected to this one, for an extra fan maybe?  And then I believe there was 1 more, but I don't recall what that one looked like.


Also on the front panel area inside the case there is a 4 pin molex connector & a SATA connector.  What are they for? As I would think all the front panel connections are from the cables that come out & would connect to your motherboard.  Again no mention in the manual about these.


Thanks for any help.


Edit:  I did find this post, but at the moment is hard to see if this will help as I'm not home to compare but it may help with the first part of my question. Though I don't remember a 4 pin molex cable on any of those wires to connect power to only the one on the front panel unit itself.

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Pclinde    197

Hi Mark,


Did the post help you out already? :)


Connect the 4-pin molex connector with your power supply. (It will power the fan controller and LEDS on the front panel).


Cheers, Pim

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Hi friends i love the Gaming case soo much , I made a review video for this product watch it here :


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Video link

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