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2 Questions: Hyper 48 Installation and Effectiveness

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Guest Mindless Moron   
Guest Mindless Moron

unfortunatly the instructions for such items are useless i suggest you jsut try to figure it out sorry, but the clips shall hold it just be careful whenm ur pc is in the car, flat pack it.

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okay Sry for my first post here

it just when i call other prodcuts i dont Always ment that they do it Better

i use CM products for almost 12 years now

got one TT but Replaced it with CM agan

i always liked CM more there products always looks great

and also preform Better then most other produccts

TT is more overkill looks

CM High Performance in an Neat way (like the Hyper 48 and 6

they look awesome and work Insanly good (thanks to the copper and Heatpipe and some Darm good Engineers)

i dont know who edited my Post but it cool

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BTw for the other dutch huy

Make a Fem PPhotos of the Bracket and the HSF fan on it

you Mentiont that i will not fiit exaclty goo right

did you look for any movement of the sink mabe something is blocking its way

tip for the Photos

make a Top view and a side view of the socket

then do it agan but then with your Hyper 48 on it

but do it close dont whant to see th entire Heatsink just the bottom of


but its a gigabyte he maybe the DPS thingy is blocking it

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