Paul Williams

Nepton 240M not cooling anymore

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Bought and installed the Nepton 240M in February. It worked great and I loved it till the last 7 days.  At first on occasion when I started up the computer I would notice my core temp monitor increasing from it's normal temp of 32-37 degrees C till it went up to 70-80's and I'd then turn the PC off. This only happened every once in a while and I wasn't even running anything just looking at windows desktop.  Now it's starting to happen almost every time I boot up the PC.   Sometimes shutting down and restarting 5 or 6 times in a row will cause it to start cooling again.


Any ideas?

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Sunday Morning    174

Hi Paul,


Before and today


1, Before this .. all your system (Units) is running up (mean no issue) iam right ?

2, So what you have today is your temp going up from 32-37c to 70-80c this is not OK


my suggestion try recheck your system,pump connector,bios and etc // try reseat you pump


If the idle temperatures do not come down after you reseat the cooler then I would suggest you to contact our support service to RMA you unit

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