Cooler Master at Computex 2015

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Pclinde    197

Dear CM Community,

Computex is here! We proudly present to you our new logo!






Whatever Your Make,

Make It Yours.

Make It Cooler Master.



New product announcements:

  • MasterCase 5 & MasterCase Pro 5

MasterCase 5 & MasterCase Pro 5

Cooler Master Launches MasterCase - World’s First Mid-Sized Modular Tower with Exterior Expandability.

  • Inspired by our Revolutionary Concept Case - The MasterConcept
  • MasterCase and MasterConcept Pioneer FreeFormâ„¢ Modular System

COMPUTEX’15, June 2, Taipei – Cooler Master is excited to announce the launch of the MasterCase, the world’s first mid-sized modular tower with exterior expandability. The MasterCase heralds a new family of cases that offer unparalleled control over form and function. It draws inspiration from the MasterConcept, a revolutionary concept case developed at Cooler Master Headquarters in Taipei.

“The MasterConcept represents a vision that every person’s PC case should be unique, and is a first step in a fundamental reimagining of our relationship with our fans and supporters,” said PS Tang, Vice President, Cooler Master. “Inspired by the MasterConcept’s revolutionary approach to interior and exterior modularity, the MasterCase represents the crest of this new wave of case technology.”

Cooler Master’s FreeForm™ Modular System
The MasterConcept and MasterCase break new ground in the way PCs are designed, made, bought and used. Fundamental to this reimagining is FreeFormâ„¢. Cooler Master wants users to have absolute control over how their case looks and functions. So FreeForm provides options to adjust the case exterior via the replacement of panels and doors, while also offering unparalleled flexibility for a mid-sized case in terms of interior layout.

Computex 2015 will see Cooler Master debut the MasterCase 5, a 460mm-tall modular tower that comes in three distinct iterations: MasterCase 5, MasterCase Pro 5 and MasterCase Maker 5.

Users can choose from the MasterCase 5’s dual top handles and standard door, the MasterCase Pro 5’s elevated mesh top cover, or the sleek lines, solid top cover and brooding, open-vent front door of the MasterCase Maker 5.

In the MasterCase, FreeForm allows a single case to support a host of different configurations, enabling users to upgrade rather than replace their case and system. Through a unique clip-and click panel, FreeForm also lets users vertically adjust or entirely remove drive cages, allowing for multiple system configurations like home servers, water-cooled workstations, or gaming rigs with dual-slot extra-long graphics cards.


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maxmax80    1

I hope CM launches a Top & Front panel kit in 690 adv II style!

I think that -for users of a case like this- only 2 bay 5.25" are really few.

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ajfaull    1

I know I would find a mid tower a little "tight". I currently have 3, 5.25 devices. with 4x120mm Scythe fans on the WC radiator (2 push, 2 pull) I have to keep my voltage based fan controller (5.25 FF) or else it sounds like a 747 400 on take off.  Add my 2xBluRay-RW, my 4xHDD, 2SSD and yes I could see myself being cramped. 


One thing I would love to see on this (I built my own on my case) is a locking drawer with a USB port for a thumb drive. There are more and more apps where I want to have a Thumb drive for apps, upgrades, backup, statistical analysis, etc but I don't want the user to have access to it or a standard USB port on the front. a cap on the front, and one in a lockable drawer would be beautiful for data center control where you do not want people walking out with customer or other sensitive data.  And it is easier than having to go into the Registry and turn on and off usb ports.

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