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I got this idea back when i was looking for parts for my new pc


I realized that with simple fans ur pc gets really dirty inside and that water cooling systems are not really cheap so i thought why no have a fan which filtter the air with water?I will be cheap and will keep your pc clean.All you will have to do about will be changing the water at some point cause it will be very dirty cause of all the dust.


So here is how i think this will work the fan will suck the air from outside the case driving it to the water were it will be filtered and because the dust is heavier than the air it will stay inside the water and air will contineu clean inside ur case simple as that.


I hope you like my idea cause i know that if this existed i would sure buy it and i am already trying to create one on my one


And i would really like to see CM create this because i love your products!!

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